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Cell Phones are No Longer the “Necessary Evil” of the Industry

In an increasingly connected world, cell phones have become as necessary a tool as any hammer, wrench or drill. Teams utilize cell phones to communicate effectively, managers rely on them to keep in contact with their people and coordinate all aspects of the job. Such ease of integration doesn’t come without a cost though. When working at height, cell phones also present the constant threat of a dropped object. Even though most phones and their cases weigh in at just half a pound, when dropped from a modest height of just a few stories they can strike the ground or whoever is unlucky enough to be below with tremendous energy. Since cell phones are one of the most commonly carried “tools” by everyone today, they are also one of the most dangerous. Even if a phone drops and doesn’t cause injury, there is the direct replacement cost of a broken or missing phone which can total up to $1000 or more. That is difficult enough for large businesses to take on, let alone independent contractors that pay for the replacement out of their own pockets.

Don't Compromise when it comes to safety OR productivity. Prevent Harm AND Communicate Effectively.

KEY-BAK PRO today is proud to announce that cell phones are not a problem anymore with the launch of the ToolMateTM Link SmartPhone Jacket and SmartPhone Jacket XL (patent pending).

cell phone lanyard

Smart Phone Jacket & Jacket XL

cell phone lanyard kit

SmartPhone Jacket & Jacket XL Lanyard Kits

The SmartPhone Jacket has been designed to fit almost any regular sized smart phones and their cases while allowing full use of the device and it’s features. The SmartPhone Jacket and Jacket XL utilize a full-sized capacitive screen protector that allows normal use of all touch screen phone operations. The transparent capacitive material wraps around from top to bottom allowing both forward and rear facing cameras to be used without obstruction regardless of the make of the phone. Openings in the back and bottom were engineered to allow for fingerprint readers to be used. For those who use their phone to make calls, the SmartPhone Jacket and Jacket XL were designed to increase safety while still allowing full clear audio.  

Saving lives AND protecting mission critical devices is even easier when attaching the SmartPhone Jacket or Jacket XL to a 1LB ToolMateTM retractable tool tether, more commonly known as tool lanyards. Attach one of the 1LB ToolMate retractable tool tether’s auto-locking carabiners to the safety vest or tool belt and connect the other to the SmartPhone Jacket. When the work days is done, just detach the SmartPhone jacket from the retractor. The SmartPhone Jacket and Jacket XL are available in tethering kits which include a 1LB ToolMate retractable tool tether or may be purchased individually.

If waterproofing is a concern don’t worry, the SmartPhone Jacket and Jacket XL fit the most popular waterproof cases on the market. See the sizing chart below for max cell phone plus case dimensions:

Like all KEY-BAK PRO ToolMate Products, the SmartPhone Jacket and Jacket XL come dynamic drop tested certified to ANSI/ISEA 121-2018.

BOTTOM LINE - You wouldn't set foot on the job site without your PPE. The ToolMate Link Smartphone Jacket is PPE for the most mission critical tool you carry.

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