In July of 2018, ANSI released standard 121, a groundbreaking new best practice setting minimum design and performance criteria for tool tethering. Since its launch, countless safety professions have reached out to KEY-BAK PRO asking what they need to know about the standard. Something this important deserves more than a simple FAQ.

For a limited time, KEYBAK-PRO is offering on site, no-obligation tool tethering training.  We’ll bring the sample tethers, train your teams, and get your work sites up to speed on what you need to do to start preventing dropped objects, injuries and deaths. Sign Up Today!

    • Training on the new ANSI 121 and what you need to know
    • On-Site Assessment on dropped object hazards and recommendations on how to improve safety
    • Samples of our next generation Tool Tethering solutions
    • Tips and strategies to help improve your safety program when working at height

ANSI 121 directly address the deadly threat of falling objects when working at height. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 52,000 “struck by falling object” OSHA recordable incidents occur every year in the US alone. In 2015 the BLS reports 247 fatalities from being struck by a falling object, accounting for 5% of all workplace fatalities. Most contractors rely on catching the falling object (netting, toe boards, etc.) or erect temporary structures to shield people on the ground in the event of the inevitable drop. While this does help reduce the number of actual injuries caused by falling objects, it doesn’t address the real root cause and so the risk of injury or worse is always present. The only way to reduce the chance of injury or harm to 0% is to prevent the uncontrolled fall in the 1st place.

Download the START Work fundamentals to learn more about how to deploy a tool tethering program where you work or access more from on DOP Connect.

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Want To See The Difference?

Watch this short video comparing traditional tethers to retractors.

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