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Tool Lanyards for Safety and Efficiency

Tool Lanyards for Safety and Efficiency
Any dropping object poses great danger. A tool falling from a considerable height endangers people’s lives and can also damage other objects. Falling tools will increase your cost of production, workers compensation claims and cost of new tools and equipment. Tool tethers are the most effective way of safeguarding your employees, their tools and the worksite in general.

Tether or Lanyard, which one do I need?

Ah, good question!  Both are used almost interchangeably.  ISEA, the International Safety Equipment Association, has set forth a recommendation on the topic.  Lanyards are to be used in Fall Protection for People.  Tethers are for tools used to Prevent Dropped Objects. 

 So, to keep it simple:

  • Tether your Tools
  • Lanyards are Lifelines

For more information, check out the new ISEA 121 standard just published for public review and comment:


What’s the difference between Fall Protection and Dropped Object Prevention?

Dropped Object Prevention (D.O.P.) is much younger than fall protection. Unlike fall protection, which is focused on the safety of the worker wearing the gear, D.O.P. is focused on everyone else below the worker who is wearing the gear. D.O.P. generally consists of tool tethers, tool attachments and anchors.